A Vegan Diet Plan

Even though the vegan diet has become popular in the past few years, there are many misconceptions on what vegan’s eat and what they don’t. Hopefully this article can clear up many of those concerns.

The first misconception is that a vegan diet is very expensive. That is not true as vegans eat many of the things meat eaters do, of course they also exclude many of the things that meat eaters consume. Vegans do not eat mainly vegetables and the major food groups are consumed including grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits etc.

In terms of dairy, soy is substituted. However, there is still variety to this. Many types of vegan milk substitutes exist. Other then soy, there is cashew and almond milk which are all rich in vitamins.

The major difference between vegans and meat eaters is meat of course. Vegan’s do not believe in consuming anything that had a mother or father. But even though meat protein is out, beans and even nuts and vegetables provide a better source of protein. Soy is used to make many healthy meat substitutes and be prepared to taste exactly like meat and there is a plant based meat as well.

Unlike vegetarians, vegans do not consume dairy. Jell-O is also off limits as it contains residue of pork products. But there are vegan alternatives.

Among those who are very strict, honey is considered an animal’s product, but not every vegan subscribes to this. While most vegans will refuse to use sucrose (table sugar) because animal bone ash is sometimes used in its manufacturing as a chlorinating agent, they will use other sweeteners like maple syrup, fructose, dehydrated can juice (Florida Crystal, Sugar in the RAW etc).

The one drawback of veganism is that it fails to address the exercise part. There are many vegans who will use refined foods which are unhealthy or will even smoke and of course drink. So just because a person says they are vegan doesn’t mean they are healthy. But usually going a vegan diet is the first and major step in living a healthy life.

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