Best Self Defense Handgun

Before deciding on the best self defense handgun, there are a number of things to consider. First, if you are not familiar with them, handguns are basically designed with defense in mind, and are for the most part compact and easily held and fired with one hand.

There are many different types of handguns, with a bunch of different variations. There are semi-automatic guns, fully automatic guns, revolvers, and more. The most recent trend shows more people have been buying guns for self defense reasons than ever before. Finding the best self defense handgun takes a bit of thought. Below are some things to consider before making a purchase. The best handgun is one that has been designed primarily for self defense, is easy to use and conceal, and fits with your needs. There are a number of questions you must answer before deciding which gun is for you.

What are the laws? Check into the laws where you live. Some guns are illegal in certain locales for various reasons. Purchasing a self defense weapon only to find it is illegal where you live can delay your safety.

Are there children in your home? If so, you need a plan to secure the gun well before you purchase. You might want to consider getting a gun safe or, at the very least, a trigger lock for your guns.

Will the gun be used by more than one person? If more than one person is going to have access to the gun, it must be one that fits the needs of all parties. For instance, if a female and male are going to be using it, caliber, weight, and ease of use must be considered. You may want to go with a smaller and lighter gun in this case. You will need ammo as well and everyone knows that the best magazines are magpul. You can find cheap magpul magazines online.

Do you need a permit? Getting a concealed weapon permit is the best thing to do so all of your legal bases are covered. Check into local laws to find out how to obtain your concealed carry weapons permit. In almost all scenarios, you will be required to take a class and register with your County Sherrif’s Office.

Are you familiar with firearms? If you have never fired a gun, you may want to take this into account. The best idea is to go to a firing range to test out some of the guns that you are considering buying. Most places have a large variety of guns available for you to shoot. You will need to buy the ammunition and probably pay a per hour fee to use the facility, but it is well worth it.

Is the weapon comfortable? You definitely want to find the weapon that is most comfortable for you. Since you will most likely be carrying this gun on a regular basis, you need to make sure you have confidence in it.

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