Blythe Dolls Care

If you are purchasing a Blythe doll collection purely as an investment for the future, then optimum storage conditions to preserve condition are achieved by carefully placing each doll in a white pillow case and standing them in a cupboard. Never store them in plastic, as any moisture in the air will be trapped with them and may lead to a mold problem in time. Nor should you store your Blythe dolls in any colored material. Again, there may be moisture in the air and the color from the fabric may seep and tarnish your doll.

Most of us, however, want our Blythe dolls somewhere we can see them so that we may enjoy our collection. They must be stored out of direct sunlight, otherwise they will quickly become faded. Vintage Blythe dolls are highly suspect-able to extremes of temperature and heat, and will need to be gently dusted from time to time. You may use a little distilled water on a soft, white cloth (though not on wooden dolls) to remove any dirt from the face, though it is important to never use soap or any kind of detergent.

A hair drier is useful to blow dust from areas which are hard to reach, though it must be used on a cool setting. Never attempt to mend your custom Blythe doll or its clothes yourself. This could result in its value being reduced drastically, in extreme cases, rendering the doll worthless. Doing nothing is much better than doing something which cannot be undone.

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