How to Stop Dog Chewing

Chew Proof House

The first thing that you need to do is to chew proof your house. This means that anything that you don’t want your dog to chew on needs to be picked up and stored away. Any shoes should be put away in a closet, and anything that your dog can reach it should somehow be protected.

Also any food items like dirty dishes, or leftover foods like snacks should not be put at lower levels where a dog could reach them.

Chew Alternatives

It’s not enough to simply punish your dog for chewing on your things, you must give him an alternative. This could be in the form of any sort of chew toy that you can imagine.

But is important that your chew toy not resemble a shoe or some other household items. This way your dog can clearly distinguish between the different shapes of things that can be chewed and things that cannot be chewed.

Rotate Toys

One way to keep your dog busy and interested in chewing on things other than your furniture is to constantly rotate new toys to him.

Simply buy several toys and only give him one or two toys each week. Then after a week take those toys away and give him two different toys. You can keep this rotation going every two weeks or add more toys and so he is only exposed to a certain toys for one week every month.

Habits & Consistency

I just want to mention one last word about habits and consistency. Remember that habits are hard to break. And one of the fastest way to break them is to consistently practice a new behavior.

So if you want to solve dog chewing problems quickly, everyone in your household, including your children and husband have to a agree on what the dog is allowed to chew and what it is not allowed to chew on.

If your children let the dog chew on the furniture while you are away at the work, it can be much harder and much more frustrating to correct this common dog behavioral problem.

Chewing on furniture, shoes and other household items can be frustrating for you as an owner. Therefore, you need to understand everything about this normal dog habit, which you can read about on

Selecting Names For Dogs

How does one choose names for dogs? There are many different reasons why a pet will end up with a certain name. It is a good idea to carefully think it through before you are committed to a given name for your dog.

Selecting suitable names for dogs isn’t always easy. How many times have you heard the name of a dog and thought to yourself that his or her name wasn’t a good fit? Other times you may look at a dog and immediately feel that what he or she is named is absolutely perfect. There are many different factors to consider when it comes to the name you want to give your own dog.

There are some names for dogs that can be used for either a male or a female. That can lead to some confusion though when other people are around. If you choose such a name then you need to be prepared for the never ending question about what sex your dog is. You should also be prepared for some people to simply assume it is one sex when it may not be.

Think about the breed of dog you have when you think about names. Little dogs may appear silly with certain names for dogs. Likewise, you don’t want to give a larger breed of dog a name that is more fitting for a small cute dog. If you have a particular name you are set to using for a dog then make sure you choose the right size and breed of dog for it. You don’t want to be embarrassed later on when you do realize that the dog and their name just aren’t a good match.

Sometimes names for dogs can be based upon certain types of features that it exhibits. For example if you have a poodle you may wish to name it Curly. You can also pay close attention to their personality as well. For example if your puppy is very delicate and picky you name want to name it Princess. It can take time though to recognize such characteristics so you may not want to name your dog immediately.

If you are stuck you can certainly find plenty of names for dogs online. Some of them are based on certain characteristics. You will find listings of the most common names for dogs. You can also get help coming up with something unique that is still fitting for your dog. There are names of famous dogs too so that you can name your pet after one of heroes.

The sky is the limit though when it comes to what you choose to name your dog. You don’t have to make it an exact science to come up with a good name. You do want to take these basic guidelines into consideration. That way, you can feel good about the choice you have made. The names for dogs also need to be easy for them to learn. That way they will respond when you are calling them.