How to Check Already Published Patent Applications

Patentability or a prior art search for an invention provides the inventors/patent attorneys with insights into existing technologies that seem similar or related to the invention. The search is performed based on specific aspects that the invention is attempting to claim rights to.

Patentability searches typically include U.S. and international patents, published patent applications, and non-patent literature.  There are professional patent agencies, such as InventHelp patent agency, to help you with the research. Their services are provided by experienced and trained engineers specially trained in performing patent searches on free and paid databases. They personally analyze the technology at issue, read the patent references, and conclude what patents or published applications are most relevant to your concerns.

Search already patented applications and granted patents using electronic database provided by some national or regional patent offices in order to avoid repetition of existing patent or filed patent.

Perform rigorous searches on the available resources to identify the references by understanding the technological concepts of the invention disclosure provided by the client.

Closely work with attorneys to conduct patentability searches for invention disclosures and analyze whether the identified references are relevant to the provided invention disclosure.

The prior art search keyed to the inventions, technologies, and competitors is conducted on available online patent databases. The Internet has several websites that provide databases of U.S. patents and published patent applications, as well as international and foreign patents and published patent applications.

Free patent search sites include: the U.S. Patent Office, the European Patent Office site, and the Delphion site (free use is limited). There are commercial sources as well where both patent and non-patent publications can be searched. General Internet searches are also helpful in searching for products and services that may not be represented in any of the available databases as described in this how to patent a product with InventHelp article.

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