Diamond grading

Diamond grading is carried out under independent strict laboratory conditions by a fully qualified and vastly experienced gem trades laboratory grader. Never fall into the trap of thinking that an in-house jewelry store laboratory is the same thing or as good as an independent grading laboratory, it’s not!

There are various inspections undertaken on a diamond to:

a) Check it’s validity

b) Report on its characteristics and quality

The process is involved and very strict but by the end of it quality certified diamonds are the result.

鑽石等級 both protects the consumer and the retailer from fraud and helps determine the price of any particular diamond.

Diamond Grading: 4 C’s Overview

G.I.A. reports are by far the most common of the two and A.G.S. reports follow the same format anyway.

Color: G.I.A. grades color from D to Z (Z being intense yellow) with D being colorless even under 10x magnification. The equivalent A.G.S. scale rises by halves with D being 0 and E being 0.5 etc..

Clarity: G.I.A. grades clarity from F (flawless) to I3 (included 3). A.G.S. equivalent scale rises by 1 for every grade, therefore 0 = Flawless 10= included 3 / I3.

Cut: G.I.A. measures the dimensions, proportions, symmetry and polish. Symmetry and polish are given grades from excellent to poor but there is no overall grade for the “make” of the cut. A.G.S on the other hand give similar reports on dimensions, proportions, symmetry and polish.

Carat: Both G.I.A and A.G.S. measure a diamond’s weight using the carat weight scale.

How to Stop Dog Chewing

Chew Proof House

The first thing that you need to do is to chew proof your house. This means that anything that you don’t want your dog to chew on needs to be picked up and stored away. Any shoes should be put away in a closet, and anything that your dog can reach it should somehow be protected.

Also any food items like dirty dishes, or leftover foods like snacks should not be put at lower levels where a dog could reach them.

Chew Alternatives

It’s not enough to simply punish your dog for chewing on your things, you must give him an alternative. This could be in the form of any sort of chew toy that you can imagine.

But is important that your chew toy not resemble a shoe or some other household items. This way your dog can clearly distinguish between the different shapes of things that can be chewed and things that cannot be chewed.

Rotate Toys

One way to keep your dog busy and interested in chewing on things other than your furniture is to constantly rotate new toys to him.

Simply buy several toys and only give him one or two toys each week. Then after a week take those toys away and give him two different toys. You can keep this rotation going every two weeks or add more toys and so he is only exposed to a certain toys for one week every month.

Habits & Consistency

I just want to mention one last word about habits and consistency. Remember that habits are hard to break. And one of the fastest way to break them is to consistently practice a new behavior.

So if you want to solve dog chewing problems quickly, everyone in your household, including your children and husband have to a agree on what the dog is allowed to chew and what it is not allowed to chew on.

If your children let the dog chew on the furniture while you are away at the work, it can be much harder and much more frustrating to correct this common dog behavioral problem.

Chewing on furniture, shoes and other household items can be frustrating for you as an owner. Therefore, you need to understand everything about this normal dog habit, which you can read about on Petsium.com.

Online printing companies benefits

With today?s tight marketing budgets, you may be looking for ways to save on your printed products. You might be wondering why you should go with online printing when you have a color printer or copier right there in the office. Here is a look at some of the times you need to nix your copier and go with an online printer.

You need a professional looking product

One of the times you should definitely consider online printing is when you want the final product to look professional. Your desktop printer and company copier will work fine for printing and copying the memo about the annual staff party. However, your business cards will look cheap and homemade if they have the fuzzy edges caused by the perforations on printer sheets.

In addition, remember that your online printing company has the access to the equipment that adds the final details to your product. If you want embossing, a glossy finish, binding, or any other finishing touches, then online printing is the way to go.

You need design help

Ready for new Duratrans prints or business cards, but not sure how to design it? The advantage of choosing an online printing company is the fact that many will have predesigned templates for you to use. You choose the template that you like, input your information or upload a graphic, and send it off to them to print.

You get a professional looking product without having the headache of hiring a graphics designer or trying to come up with an idea yourself. And if you want something truly unique, many online printing companies, such as the best Duratrans printing company in New York – Industri Designs NYC, will offer design services for an additional fee.

You are short on time

Time is money, and if you are spending it all doing the design and printing work of your business needs, then you will not be able to focus your attention on more profitable ventures. An online printing company is able to take your design and print it up quickly while your attention is elsewhere. Printing times will vary from company to company, so be sure to ask ahead about turnaround times if you are printing time sensitive materials. You may be able to pay extra to have an order rushed if you need it sooner.

You need help delivering

Mailing lists can be useful if you need to get the word out about your company, but it is also quite time consuming to address several thousand envelopes yourself. Your online printing company may offer mailing list services ? either upload your list or purchase one of theirs. Many will even put postage on your mailings and mail them for you.

You want to save money

In reality, printer ink is not cheap. If you try to do your printing yourself, you could find that you will actually end up spending more in time and supplies than you would going to an online printing company. Online printing companies have the resources to create professional-looking products for much less than you could on your own. Better yet, the time saved will ultimately end up saving you money as well.

Buying Business Cards Online

Companies are convinced to have their services enlarged online with the fast changes in the printing technology. And online services had efficiently met the demands in the market particularly when it comes to fast and easy online printing.

However, based on customer’s experience they find it easier and more effectual to have their materials bought online. It means you don’t have to leave your home for this. A single click of your mouse allows you to have numerous lists of commercial printers. This will help you not to exercise too much exertion and waste time.

Buying your business cards online from professional printing companies such as IndustriDesignsNYC – industridesignsnyc.com/business-cards-nyc/
, you can free yourself from many problems with them. You can directly provide your printer the printing design you need for your business cards. That is the reason this is helpful. Online quotes are made useful for your immediate pricing. This means you are able to have a correct sum as per the printing cost is concerned.

Moreover, it is easy to buy business cards online. All you need to do is to fill up the quotes made available for you. And these printing quotes will be your printers guide for working with a smooth printing workflow. Often the quote needs correct answers for the following:


The printer will provide with sizes that best fit your marketing plan.


The stock is the weight of the paper that you can use.


It pertains to the color claim that you want to have for your cards.


It is the number of prints you want produce.

First you have to specify your printing needs. If you do this, then it will be easier to deal with the printing processes. You are also free to opt for coatings that will be best for your material. Nevertheless, the extra coating may influence the calculated printing expenses.

You are also assured with a fast printing service, easy online ordering, reasonable rates and value controlled prints.

Such thing as online preview is also made available for you. Before your material undergoes the actual printing process you are able preview the business card. That’s why this is very profitable. It allows you to be able to tell whether they can to come up with the material that you are expecting.

So, you see what the advantages of buying business cards online are. All of them guarantee that you have a quality business card print perfect for your campaign and advertising.

Benefits of Hiring Estate Lawyers

Most people think that a lawyer can deal with all forms of cases. But just as doctors, the lawyers too have different specialities. In fact majority deal with cases which they specialize in. In fact, not every lawyer spends their time in court defending or prosecuting criminals. Law deals with a wide array of issues and today there are lawyers which are trained especially for taking on legal cases handling each one.

Of these a branch of law which is highly sensitive involves a vital unit of society that is, the family. With respect to legal matters that revolve around the family it will be wise not to settle for anyone that does not hold specialization in family law. Definitely one will always ensure that their family’s interest is always protected, thus it is best in having professional and skilled family law attorneys in Lyon to work on these cases.

Ways in which people can benefit from family lawyers?

Below are some points that throw light on how people can benefit from hiring the services of a family lawyer. These include,

  • Skillful and knowledgeable – A reliable and competent family lawyer definitely will possess a broad knowledge when it comes to family law. They can wonderfully take care of the technicalities of a case appropriately and assist their clients with every legal facet in a good way all through the process. Besides, they will also have the skills for handling sensitive issues pertaining to different family law cases
  • Emotional and legal support – For any person, it will be really stressful in facing separation or divorce. It is mentally challenging and emotionally tiring for keeping up with it. But with an experienced Lyon lawyer by their side one will receive the needed support both emotionally and legally. Such a support indeed will aid one smoothly pass through as well as handle the legal procedure involving their family
  • Minimal effort – Employing the services of a professional family lawyer will work wonders in reducing one’s effort from their end to a large extent. After sharing the details with the lawyer and entrusting their case to him/her, henceforth it will be the lawyer’s duty in making follow ups from time to time and handling just everything that is related with the case

Why hire a reliable wills lawyer?

If one is in the process to write a will or are planning to get it started must be wondering whom to entrust the legalities with. Unfortunately the very thought to leave someone their investment, business, home or personal things will be quite confusing and complex. Here the best step will be to hire the services of reliable and professional avocat succession Lyon.

In the unfortunate occasion when a loved one passes away, to fulfill the will and distribute the deceased person’s assets is not at all simple. Legal and financial matters such as burial fees, mortgages, creditors, taxes and other bills are issues that require being settled via the executor or family with the assistance of the best deceased estate lawyers in Lyon. Not everyone understands state laws when it comes to assets and probate distribution. So in order to settle matters in the right way and prevent disputes, an expert lawyer will be helpful to offer legal assistance.

Forex Expert Advisors in Forex Trading

Always missed out great opportunity to invest when you go to bed? Having hard times to monitor your trades? Don’t worry. Here is the answer to all your problems. Get yourself forex expert advisors to help you out. This software helps you to trade on your behalf and make the right moves when there’s a suitable chance. You can pre-set all the data and information and the software will help you to scan through the market, but if you don’t know how to set it up properly it is better to look for MT4 programming services that can help you.

Anyone can use this software. There are lots of forex expert advisors in the market that comes in different ranges of price and level of complexity. Most of the websites do offer free trial period for you to judge the effectiveness of the software. Although this software is able to gives you the flexibility in trading but it doesn’t guarantee you 100% winning.

So, how does it work? You will have to set your criteria when to buy and sell the currency. It is a computer program which helps you to analyze the forex chart and make an entry automatically when it’s time to do so.

This type of software is emotionless and it only acts according to what you have preset in the system. Another advantage here is this system is able to manage multiple accounts at a time on a single computer.

The software is able to buy or sell currency anytime without the need of your presence. You can do whatever you like and let the software manage the trading on your behalf.

There are many different types of software available in the market. Try to use during the free trial period and evaluate its effectiveness. Do not evaluate the software based on other people’s review as different people have different way of trading using this automation. You have to be careful when choosing suitable software because some of them require fees and charges for each trade.

Now that you have known these, start to Google online for available forex expert advisors and make sure you compare and review all the available information prior to getting one.

The Best Deals On Paintball Gear Bag

Finding The Best Deals On The Paintball Gear Bag

When it comes to picking up everything that is needed for a great time out playing paintball, many people tend to forget that they need a high quality paintball gear bag to carry all of their expensive paintball protective gear, guns, and other supplies. You simply do not want to just throw that stuff in any old bag because you could never be for sure that it would all be protected. The paintball gear bag is designed to keep everything you have for your paintball adventure safe and protected from harm.

It is also a great way to stay organized as you will not misplace those special items when you keep them stored in a decent sized paintball gear bag. So this is not only a great way to transport all of your precious paintball items but it is also a perfect way to store your gear, keep it safe, and to keep it clean from dust as well. Keeping your gear clean and in perfect working order is something that is extremely important so you should never be without your paintball gear bag.

How To Start Your Own Online Business

It is actually quite easy to go about starting an online business in the modern internet era and the initial investment is very low compared to the offline world. If you were to buy an offline business then it would likely cost you thousands and a bank loan may even be required. Not to mention it is unlikely that your new business will see a profit until a matter of months or even years.

But when you start your own online business then all you need is some essential marketing tools and a basic education and you can be up and running and making money potentially within days.

So let’s look at how to start your business on the internet. First of all you need to determine what product or service you will be providing to the marketplace and you need to decide what your target audience is.

For me, I think it is an excellent idea to start out with affiliate marketing when first looking to make money online. Because with affiliate marketing you do not need your own products or services to sell and as a result you don’t need to deal with customer support issues and more complicated parts of business. As an affiliate you simply promote other peoples products an earn a commission when sales are made.

It is quite a newbie friendly way to start earning money with an online business and requires minimal investment. The main skill needed to succeed with affiliate marketing is the ability to drive traffic to an affiliate offer. When you are able to do this on a consistent basis then you can somewhat automate your marketing and earn a healthy residual income each month without having to invest much time into daily work.

The best way to get started with an online business as an affiliate marketer would be to get hold of a turnkey marketing system that takes care of the technical setup for you, as well as provides you with a whole suite of products to promote in return for commissions.

That way all you need to do is do marketing on the internet in the form of solo ads, videos, articles, blog posts and banner ads etc. and drive traffic into the system. The sales funnel that is already in place will then take care of the rest for you.  But to really make an impact on your earnings, you should try to make highly converting sales funnels and with Clickfunnels you can do just that. Clickfunnels is not free and you can read the online reviews to learn how much does Clickfunnels cost and about the software.

Promotional video production

Promotional video production makes use of videos in order to promote a specific type of business and its corresponding products and services. Unlike other forms of advertisements, where it only uses texts to detail a product or service, videos are shown in place of these texts in order to further explain the business’ products and services, which makes it easier for customers to understand. Of course, not everyone can do this, as this type of online marketing strategy needs an entrepreneur to be knowledgeable about videos and video editing. However, they can still choose to opt for this strategy as long as they think they can produce a good video.

If you opt for promotional video production strategy, make sure to follow some of these guidelines: As said earlier, make it short and simple. A 3-5 minute video should suffice and should get the attention of the customers. Make sure that the video contains no incorrect information about your products and services. Misleading information might lead to confusing transactions, which will then lead to disappointed customers, translating into less profit. Make sure that your video is of good quality. No one would want to watch a video that is of poor quality. Invest on a good camera for this one.

Following these guidelines will surely help you in making your business more well-known with the online community. Practice and implement these guidelines when doing your videos and you will surely be successful in your endeavor. Of course, you should do other things as well (besides these guidelines) in order for you to truly succeed in making your business more popular and successful. Remember, these are only guidelines and what you do after will affect your online business more than just following these guidelines; promotional video production is only a tool for marketing and advertising your business online with the littlest effort possible.

Promotional video marketing can be a very helpful online marketing strategy if you are knowledgeable about videos and video editing, but even with little knowledge on this area, you can still produce quality videos that promote your various products and services. But you must know that this type of online marketing strategy takes time; it will take a long time before you can see the results of this marketing strategy. You might want to opt for another strategy if you can’t wait for a few weeks or months, but if you are a “slowly, but surely” type of entrepreneur, then this strategy is the right one for you.

High Quality Taxi Company in Singapore

When you’re traveling, you want to make sure you reach your destination safely and on time. If this means you have to arrive early to any particular event, then your taxi cab company should be able to fulfill your request. If you’re having trouble finding or deciding upon the right cab service to use, then use the following signs to determine which taxi service is of highest caliber.

Good Communication

From the moment you make the call or hail the cab from the street, your maxi cab company should provide effective customer care. They will be able to ensure you are comfortable and that your requests are met. The most effective cab companies will call ahead and notify you of their upcoming arrival at your home, hotel, or place of business.

Large Fleet of Available Vehicles

If a maxi cab taxi service features a large fleet of vehicles to choose from, then this often indicates that they found their niche in the market and have provided reliable transportation services for several years. An established company is much more likely to have an accessible driver in your immediate vicinity.

Multiple Methods

A quality Maxi Cab Singapore company will be able to offer a wide range of vehicles, from traditional taxi cars and vans, to airport shuttles. This way, everyone in your party can be accounted for. This attribute applies not only to the variety of vehicles available to you, but also for how you are able contact the cab service. A well-intentioned taxi service will be able to respond to new customers via telephone and on the Internet, as well as from the street. The more convenient it is for the customer, the more comfortable they will be.