Protecting Designs

This area of intellectual property protection is concerned with protecting the outward appearance of products. It protects lines, contours, colors, shapes, textures and ornamentation that come together to give products a unique shape. If your business relies on the visual appearance of products, designs rights should be important to your business. Design protection comes into its own when the product design and aesthetics are primary characteristics of product differentiation.

Often other types of intellectual property rights assist to enhance the protections granted by designs, such as patent rights and copyright.

Designs may be made to play a central role in an integrated IP protection strategy, adding a layer of protection that would not otherwise exist, and providing an additional means of protection that falls outside the scope of the other forms of intellectual property protection as you can see from how to patent a product with InventHelp article.

Unregistered Design Rights

There are two types of design protection. Firstly the unregistered ´design right´ applies automatically in the same way as copyright law; secondly, a registered design, requires a formal application to the Patents Office and grants more extensive protection.

Registered Designs

Manufactured products are often the result of significant market research and investment in the development process. Products resulting from these processes often warrant protection as registered designs. Registered designs are arguably the most cost effective means of registered intellectual property protection as written on how to apply for a patent with InventHelp post.

Registered Designs protection applies to all manner of industrially manufactured products which have some physical characteristic that is visually distinctive and new, whether it was designed for domestic or industrial use. It protects the shape, configuration, surface decoration and patterns from coping, and as such may be made to play an important part in ensuring future returns on investments are realized, by having an effective legal right against predatory copyists.

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