The Amazon – An Amazing World

Deep in the heart of the South America lays the Amazon Rainforest. This ancient woodland covers almost two million acres of land right across the continent and is shared by Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and five other countries. Below, we are going to tell you more about this topic.

The Amazon Rainforest got its name from one the first Spanish explorers who encountered the locals of the area. The explorer found the local women joining the war parties in the jungle and named them Amazons, after the ancient Greek legends. There is currently some speculation that it was actually the grass skirts the men wore that led to the confusion. However some historical text shows that the females of certain tribes joined battles against other tribes.

Whatever the origin of its name, the Amazon Rainforest is better known for its very rich biodiversity, with one in ten of all species of the world found there. To put that into perspective, there are two thousand mammalian and avian species, with most of the species discovery taking place in or around the area.

It is also home to more than five thousand species of plants and trees. It is estimated that one square kilometre of the jungle can contain up to a thousand species off plants. There are so many creatures that make the Amazon Rainforest their home that close to forty percent of all living things can be found here.

With all that said, there are very good unforgettable Peru jungle tours you can take and really see and feel the wildlife in Amazon.

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