Tips On Finding Roof Leaks

Some roof leaks become painfully apparent when it begins to rain inside as well as outside. Finding roof leaks before this happens is a much better idea. Just using your five senses will help you locate roofing problems before you have severe leaks. As soon as you do locate a leak it is imperative to do a repair as quickly as possible. The longer leaks are left unattended the more damage they will cause to your structure. It is best to leave roof repairs to professionals, such as Planet Roof – roofing company. The following are how to tips on finding roof leaks.

It is recommended that you perform a thorough check of your roof about twice a month if you suspect any potential problems. You will need to gather these tools when you set out on your hunt for roof leaks. Have a ladder, marker, paper towels and a measuring tape handy. Start by checking the attic very carefully in both dry weather and during a heavy rainfall. While you search you will be looking for any water spots, standing water, mold or designs that have formed on fiber glass that are cone shaped. Spots that you find on dry days which appear different when it is a rainy day are indications of leaks forming.

If you find a suspicious area use your paper towels and wipe the wood near the area you think has a leak. If the towel is damp then you can keep checking upward from this spot to see where the highest place is that makes the towel damp. Use your marker on this spot and then the next time it rains check the place you marked. You can use a wire hanger, ice pick or nail and insert it into the spot you marked as a way to identify the spot that is leaking when you go onto the roof.

At this point finding roof leaks means going onto the roof and spotting any signs of damage. Whether you have a tile roof or shingles you will need to check for missing or damaged places or shingles that have cracked or warped. These are danger areas that need to be replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Replacing roof shingles is not a difficult repair and this simple repair will prevent damage to your home.

If you have found that a leak is the result of a nail in your roof this is also an easy to repair. Pin-pointing the trouble area is the hardest part of this repair. Look for any markers you have left. If you prefer to be on the roof in dry weather, which is much safer, you can have one person in the attic while another uses a hose to run water over the roof. In the attic also look for any little dots of sunlight which mean a missing nail has left a small hole. Use your long nail or ice pick or wire hanger to push through the hole to make it easy to find on the roof top. Make sure your friend sees the marker so save time hunting for it later.

The repair is just a matter of replacing the nail and then covering the area with some roof sealant that you can spread on with a disposable tool like a paint stick. This is a clear substance so the repair will not be noticeable. This should be a permanent repair but if you feel it is better to leave finding roof leaks to a professional then it is best to call the professional roofers in Pittsburgh. Either way the repair needs to be attended to as quickly as possible.

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